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Luigi Boccherini
Featured on:
Perle del Barocco cdc 008
Tartini/Boccherini cdc 017/018
Perle/Paganini cdc 008/009

Real Audio:
Quintetto in Mi maggiore
(Minuetto con un poco di moto)
Luigi Boccherini (born in Lucca 19 February 1743, died in Madrid 28 May 1805) was a composer and cellist who was a true heir of the great instrumentalists who raised the Italian school of music of the eighteenth century to brilliant heights. As a composer he produced music which was marked by freshness of melody, ease of inspiration, and fluidity and economy of style. As a cello player he was a virtuoso recognised and appreciated by all his contemporaries.
Despite these talents he found difficulty in finding space within the Italian context of his time with all its emphasis on musical theatre. For this reason he had to go abroad and he spent a long period in Spain in the service of the "infante" Don Louis. This time of his life was very productive and enabled him to write chamber music of total originality which was markedly detached from the influences of the time.
In "Fandango" (from Perle delBarocco) Boccherini introduced the folklore elements and features of his native land and these are expressed in the style of the epoch. This piece is a rendering of the courtship dance of Andulusia. Following popular tradition, the dance begins in a tempo moderato and gathers speed with short "verses" which are repeated but always different in character. This recording is a faithful reproduction of Boccherini’s original score and is the first such recording to be made.

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