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Andrea Coen
Featured on:
Tartini cdc 017
Tartini/Boccherini cdc 017/018
Andrea Coen was born in Rome in 1960 and begun his musical studies in his native city. He graduated at the first Rome University in the Faculty of Letters with a specialisation in music. He then went on to obtain a Diploma in the Clavicembalo (harpsichord) at the London Royal College of Music.
He has been much engaged over recent years in concert work, in both Italy and Eurospe more
generally. His activities have been numerous: the first Critical Edition of the keyboard corpus of D. Cimarosa and a critical edition of C. B. Martiniís "Don Chisciotte" which had its world debut at the Sistina Theatre in Rome, as part of the Italcable season of concerts. In 1992 he received the "Key" of the Opera House of Rome as a recognition of artistic abilities displayed in his capacity as director of the first "Festival of ancient music" organised by the Capitoline Lyric Association.
He regularly contributes to musical programmes transmitted by the Italian Radio RAI; he is also a teacher at the Cagliari Conservatory and official organist of the Church of St. James in Rome.

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